Jun 062013

ndm 2013 11th International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making 2013

Joint CRISIS research undertaken by Middlesex University, and our partners A-E Solutions Ltd was accepted as a presentation at the 11th International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making, which was being held in Marseilles, France.

The CRISIS research we presented discussed how we can create realistic training scenarios that contain unexpected events, that in turn produce startle reactions. We have conducted our own research with fire fighters and police officers, and this has provided us with invaluable design pointers. But we can also learn from how horror films, and video games are developed.

The presentation was warmly received and attendees were also interested in what CRISIS had to offer them. The two papers mentioned here can be found via the links below, and our Publications page -

  1. Barnett, J., Wong, W., Westley, D., Adderley, R., & Smith, M. (2012). Startle Reaction: Capturing Experiential Cues to Provide Guidelines Toward the Design of Realistic Training Scenarios.Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 56th Annual Meeting (pp. 2477–2481). Boston, MA, USA: Sage journals, 56(1). doi:10.1177/1071181312561504. Retrieved from: http://pro.sagepub.com/content/56/1/2477.full.pdf+html.
  2. Barnett, J., Wong, W., Adderley, R. & Smith, M. (2013). SPURS: A framework towards ScenarioPlanning for Unexpected events, Response, and Startle using research, horror films, and video games. Paper presented at the 11th International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making, Marseilles, France. Retrieved from: SPURS – NDM Final v0.4
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